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As I'm in the process of cleaning my makeup collection before the end of this month, I realised that I have yet to review this foundation. I tested it some time ago, made notes and saved my writing as a draft without actually working on publishing it. So here you go my fellow Malaysian beauty babes, my takes on the Sendayu Tinggi Doll Skin Foundation. Do I like it? It is worth to purchase? Read more after the jump.

Sendayu Tinggi
- Cream type foundation that able to conceal acne scars perfectly through a smooth application on the skin.
- 3 in 1 product as a concealer, sunblock with SPF15 and foundation.
- For natural and bright looking makeup.
- Smooth and even finishing without patchy effect for daily makeup.
- Perfect for people who likes natural looks without using any powder.
- Does not contain paraben.
- Suitable for all skin types.

Trial Period
More than a year. This is not my everyday foundation so I rarely use it. Just a little bit of information about my skin, I have an oily-combo skin and now it's leaning towards dry and dehydrated. Some whiteheads here and there, uneven skin texture and also I have a lot of sunspots. The skin tone of my face is uneven but for the most part I'm NC30.


"Bahan Aktif" = active ingredients, and the labelling is kind of misleading. I mean, if you're talking about truest active ingredient, apart from Titanium Dioxide, none of the following are considered as "active ingredients". Bahan Kandungan lagi sesuai kot. :D. I've added the ingredients list to CosDNA database, [link].

This is the old formulation. 
The newest formulation does not have propylparaben in it.

Ingredients Analysis
I don't really have a lot to comment on its ingredients but yes, this stuff is a straight up oil based cream foundation. Oily phase in here includes seed oils (castor, jajoba), fatty acids (caprylic/capric triglyceride, sorbitan olivate), waxes (ozokerite, beeswax), and liquid hydrocarbon (isohexadecane). This kind of formula would suit more to people with normal, dry, and mature skin types. 

Titanium Dioxide acts as a sun-filter with the SPF of 15. You can't get maximum protection from harmful UV rays by using foundation alone, so remember to use sunscreen underneath. TiO2 already covered both UVA and UVB sun rays. Mica is added to give a silky and pearlescent appearance to the foundation. Silica and its derivative, silica dimethicone silylate are both classified as viscosity controlling materials, which basically thicken the oily formulation. Tocopherol is another name for vitamin E. It helps in texturization, giving the foundation moisturising effect and also can be used as a preservative along with propylparaben. The rest are pigments.

To me, it smells like facial oil, which makes sense since the main ingredient is castor oil. 

This foundation comes in 4 shades with 04 is the newest addition.
Flash On

Flash Off

As you can see, 01 Very Cute is waaayyyy lighter than the skin tone of my face but almost similar to my hand. The shade is okay though after its oxidised. Redness all gone, and I don't need concealer to conceal my dark circles. Another reason why I chose 01 Very Cute instead of 02 So Sweet was because I wanted to avoid peachy/pink tone; 01 has more yellow undertone than the rest of the shades available.

As you can see from above swatches, this Sendayu Tinggi Doll Skin foundation has a thick and heavy cream consistency. For oily skin people, I think it's best for you to avoid it because it's thick enough to easily clog pores or making you feel uncomfortable. If I'd to compare, then this stuff instantly reminds me of Kryolan Ultra Foundation. The texture is not that smooth, it's going to look streaky without proper blending and it takes time to blend out (something you'd expect from a cream foundation).

Because this foundation is oil based, it's easier to apply with dry sponge or flat brush. Also, you can use your (clean!!) fingers to dot it on and blend it outwards (the warmth from fingers kinda melts the foundation along so it's easier to apply). This is not my preferred method though...

Sponges like Beauty Blender or the one from Daiso seems to give slightly sheer application. If you're planning to use it, I'd suggest putting some product onto the sponge first before blending it outwards. For brushes, it's already well known that synthetic bristle works well with cream foundation instead of natural bristle. Sebab kalau guna natural bristle takut foundation tak lekatI dislike using kabuki brush because it would leave me streaky marks.

Here's my preferred methoddot just a tiny amount of foundation onto my face using Real Technique Pointed Foundation Brush, blend it out, and lastly dab with dry beauty sponge.
Real Technique Pointed Foundation Brush

Full coverage foundation. Say no more...

It leaves a slightly dewy finish but you can mattify it by using a matte finishing powder. 

For oil control, I noticed that I get oily easier but the foundation itself is still there at the end of the day. Oily, oily-combo skin if nak guna jugak, my best suggestion is to set your makeup with powder & setting spray afterwards. Blotting is needed after a while because from my personal experiences, this Doll Skin Foundation tends to rub off and transfer especially under the hot sun. 

Final Thoughts
To be honest, the formulation is not what I'd normally go for a foundation. I prefer mine to be lightweight while this is the total opposite. I bought it just because of the hype and was curious to see how it'd perform on my skin. In terms of application, I think it's evened me out quite nicely BUT only after I do a lot of blending. It gets patchy quite easily! :/

For a RM40+ drugstore foundation, it's not that bad lah kan since just a small amount of product is needed to cover imperfections. In a way, you can save money. The strong selling point here is coverage- It's so intense I swear I don't even need concealer for my under eyes area since the foundation already brightens it. I noticed less oxidation too! (oxidation=foundation turns orangey after a while), then again it probably because I got their lightest shade.  

Last but not least, let's us look again at all the claims;
-Cream type foundation that able to conceal acne scars perfectly through a smooth application on the skin.
-3 in 1 product as concealer, sunblock with SPF 15 and foundation.
(yes, this is indeed a 3 in 1 product, but ayyy fam you're not going to get full UV protection by using this foundation alone)
-For natural and bright looking makeup.
(slightly disagree with the word "natural")
-Smooth and even finishing without patchy effect for daily makeup.
(i think it's not the best foundation to use for daily makeup. it'd still be patchy if you don't use the correct makeup tools with proper blending technique)
-Perfect for people who likes natural looks without using any powder.
(the finishing could give you the natural effect but natural or not, use a powder to set it and you'll thank me later :D)
-Does not contain paraben.
(only for newest formulation)
-Suitable for all skin types.
(nah, definitely not the best one out there for oily skin)

Personal Rating: 3/10. personal rating okay, please jangan butt hurt kalau score tak tinggi ^___^.
Buy this if you want a hella crazy full coverage foundation.
Skip this if you prefer a lightweight foundation or you spend most of your day outside under the sun.

Product Info;

Name : Doll Skin Foundation 
Brand : Sendayu Tinggi
Type : Cream Foundation
Origin : Formulated in Malaysia, Made in Taiwan
Content : 16ml
Shelf Life : Not stated
Limited Edition : No

Availability (Malaysia) : 
In Store:
(1) Sendayu Tinggi Outlets
(2) Watsons Pharmacy

Sendayu Tinggi Official Website [buy here]

Price : RM40.30 (member RM38.25)

Link : 
Official Website:
Official Instagram: @sendayu_tinggi_online
Official Facebook (Malaysia):

p/s: this is my foundation of choice if I do SFX inspired makeup- because of the coverage and it's also the lightest foundation I have in my collection :D
Thank you so much for reading, see you in my next post! 

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Siti Nurzafirah said...

One of my wishlist.. suka sebab the coverage.. but have to finish in hand before buying this or else expired macam tu je.. heee

ieyra h. said...

Coverage Sendayu Tinggi Foundation ni memang tip top habis! I think I want to try their BB cushion, dengar cerita yang tu pun best jugak xD

Siti Nurzafirah said...

Haaa.. BB cushion pun macam best.. slalu baca review orang. can't wait to try it

Mieza Everdeen said...

Ok, I really wanted to try this foundation but after reading your detailed review, I shall say that I'm not gonna buy for now because i need matte foundation and i dont like heavy coverage XD i have oily combination skin too and i realize that thick makeup makes my skin breakout easier. thanks for the review babe, i'm following your blog!

mieza | Mieza Everdeen's

Fatimah Samihah said...

kawan i ramai suka guna ni. i pun ada jeling2 jugak. hurmm

Kiko said...

Hi I'm a new reader here.

I nak tanya what do you think about tarte/naked palette? the ingredients wise you agak2 ada animal fat x?

ieyra h. said...

Hi Kiko, sorry for the late reply and thank you so much for reading my blog. May I know specifically which Tarte palette you're referring to? I can't be sure about animal fat but biasa red eyeshadows ada Carmine, yang tu dr insect.

ieyra h. said...

I hope my review isn't stopping you from buying because it's just my personal preference for not liking heavy duty cream foundation. :) I have heard a lot of people been raving about this though (tu sebab I beli at the first place, hehe)

ieyra h. said...

Hi Mieza, I've been a long time reader of your blog! Nice to see your comment here! Hehe

Mieza Everdeen said...

aww thanks for being my loyal reader, people like you are giving me the semangat to produce more content ^_^

ayunie ramli said...

kwn mek try tp nmpk dry je skin --'