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This kind of product isn't anything new to me since I've been using liquid primers on my eyelids for years. Primers are used to keep our eyeshadow on even longer and stop it from creasing. It also helps in making the colour to appear more bold and vibrant. Some primers are tinted and they can act as a colour corrector so that our lids will have a neutral base. One of my latest product to try is from Urban Decay and it is the Anti-Ageing Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Funny thing is, I wasn't intended to buy the anti-ageing formulation but I took the wrong one by mistake and only realized it at home, -_- 

Well, nevermind!!! I thought it'd be interesting to try out although I'm not that old to worry about my anti-ageing skincare regime. xD

Ambil gambar pakai telekung. Kahkah.

What it is?
This high-tech formula primer contains optical blurring pigments that diffuse light to blur flaws, along with advanced anti-aging ingredients that helps prevent and repair wrinkles and other sighns of age-related damage. Dermaxyl helps smooth the appearance of wrinkles, and Kalpariane plums, firms and hydrates skin as it improves suppleness and elasticity. [source]

Claims made based on their 8-week clinical study
- 100% of participants had a measurable improvement in the appearance of fine line.
- 100% had measurable brighter skin
- 97% had a measurable improvement in radiance and clarity

First off - the packaging. It's in a tube where you need to squeeze it to get the product. Mine is in a travel size, the bigger tube has an applicator to it and Urban Decay just recently revamped their packaging for Summer 2015. Whether it still in the original weird but cute genie bottle packaging or the recent sleek ones, aku suka dua-dua. I like. 

If I'm not mistaken, the anti-aging primer has similar shade to the original formula where it dries down to a sheer finish but I actually do not prefer invisible finishing since I need to colour correct my eyelids. I couldn't really assure you if their textures are similar too, but when I swatched it at Sephora, it seems like the anti-ageing formulation feels more tacky.

And when it's tacky, it does not applies smoothly and a bit harder to blend. I take my time to smooth out the primer so it wouldn't appear patchy but here's the main thing that makes me disappointed about UDPP - idk if my skin is extremely sensitive but it totally makes my eyelids feel tingle and burn as soon as I put it on, like NOOOO, I've never encountered this experience with any other primers before! :/ There must be something in the ingredient that I'm allergic to.  

Brown Algae is scientifically known as Alaria Esculenta Extract and they are highly used in skincares because of the anti-ageing benefits. Palmitoly Oligopeptide or Urban Decay called it as Dermaxyl is a combination of several fatty acids and amino acids which help in increasing the collagen and hyaluronic acid levels of the skin. SOUNDS GOOD EH? then again, both of them are listed toward the very near end of the ingredients list meaning they are in little concentrations. 

Personal Take
Needless to say, this Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer seems to work in prolonging my eyeshadow, far better than any eyeshadow primers I've tried before. I did an experiment where I used UDPP as a base on one eyelid and concealer over another, the shadow on top of the UDPP didn't even change its colour at the end of the day. Here's a picture where the already-pigmented-eyeshadow from Wet n Wild appears more vibrant under a thin layer of Urban Decay Primer Potion. 

Product Info;

Name : Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Brand : Urban Decay
Country of Origin : USA
Content : 6ml/0.20 fl oz (travel size), 11ml/0.37 fl oz (full size)
Limited Edition : No 
Price : RM52 (travel size) , RM95 (full size) | S13 - $20

Availability (Malaysia) : Sephora Malaysia
Links :

If you ask me if I would to repurchase the Anti-Ageing Primer Potion, probably not just because my skin is sensitive to it but Urban Decay have 4 other types of eye primers in the market namely Original, Minor Sin, Eden and Enigma which I'm excited to try in the future. Keep in mind that they doesn't come cheap, but you only need tiny amount of the eye primers at time so I guess they can last long! :D Rating; 2/5. (I seriously don't like its consistency and how it feels).

I hope you enjoyed my review! and don't forget to tell me what is your current favourite eye primer?! :D

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Harivaindaran K. Veeriah said...

Have you tried the Essence I <3 Stage Eyeshadow base?

Amy said...

This sounds nice, but it's too bad that it irritated your skin! ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Reshah said...

ohh I haven't tried this one, might give it a go!

Mira said...

I'm planning to get Eden soon. Probably the formulation is too intense for you. Ugh! Now I'm skeptic to get this one! hmm Lovely review, dear. Keep 'em coming!

mardiah said...

I dah wear anti aging serum, mun. ahahaha. gosh, i feel old.

ieyra h. said...

I did! And I like it! Hehe. It's not like we can easily find other eyeshadow primers though at our local drugstores, haha. xD

ieyra h. said...

isn't anti aging products kena start guna umo 25? sobs. emergerd, kau guna apaa? recommend please?!

Liyana Aris said...

Better pakai telekung than pakai sleeveless dress je right (which I admittedly do sometimes, since Malaysia is hot, but obviously after ensuring reflection is super minimal so it's all good!)