Recipe | How to make Kimchi

 fresh chinese cabbage

cabbage in salted water. 
now a bit of waiting time. 
( mine was after 4 hours lol )

a bit of water, red pepper powder, scallions, minced garlic (7-9) and ginger (1 inch), 
fish oil (2 table spoons), sugar (1 table spoon)

Put them into an air-tight container, sit them at room temperature for 24 hours (fermentation) 
or you can just eat them freshly

But well, Kimchi is a kind of side dish that you need to get used to it if you never had before.
Tak semua orang suka kimchi :)
but once you get used to, you will be hooked!

p/s - thanks ckinoza for the recipe, I used yours with a little bit of twist! :D

/next batch nak try add apple,pear and I'll try my best to find 'gochugaru'. It's a korea chili flake, the taste is diff tho! Hehe

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Ristra Russilahiba said...

I came across to this old post of you because I am curious how it would turn out in orang Melayu's tongue, hehe! I ever tried once in Korean restaurant here and... it seems like I didn't go well with those seasoning asdfghjkl T^T I always envy people who can re-create foreign dishes at home, and surprisingly it goes amazing, like... why they aren't a real chef lmao keep cooking, Dear! As for me aku tak nak cuba lah, I have no idea what will the result be... :")