H&M Beauty Department - Price List, First Impression and Thoughts.

Remember when H&M Malaysia launched its beauty department on September 14th? That's how long I've been neglecting to post this haul, lol. So yes, it's finally here a year after our neighbour country (Singapore) had it in store and if you're a makeup junkie and someone who's haven't been living under a rock, you must have heard about the news already. I've been seeing a lot of my European blogger friends raved about certain makeup items from this brand, so the fact that I can now freely picking them up at the store makes me happy. As excited as I could be, I visited their Avenue K outlet on its first day of opening.
H&M Beauty Department is currently available in four stores:
(1) Lot 10
(2) Avenue K
(3) 1 Utama
(4) Sunway Pyramid

There are over 1000 beauty products to choose from so I won't blame you if you have a hard time to decide on just a few. I swatched few of their blushes, highlighters, bronzers and foundations. I've also tested out their lipsticks and spritzes. There were a lot of things and choices, I got overwhelmed but I did somehow not being super crazy on that day because I was separating my budget for things I wanted to get from Sephora.

Before getting into haul and recommendations, let me show you some pictures I took on the day of the official launch.

❤ Price list ❤
- not complete, will update soon.

1) Natural Satin Foundation (RM74.00)
2) All-Day Liquid Foundation (RM74.00)
3) Cover Up Concealer (RM39.90)
4) Custom Concealer Trio (RM49.90)
5) Loose Powder (RM59.90)
6) Custom Color Drops Darkening (RM74.90)
7) Custom Color Drops Lightening (RM74.90)

1) Pure Radiance Powder Blusher (RM44.90)
2) Solar Flair Bronzing Powder (RM49.90)
3) Light and Shade Contour Duo (RM49.90)
4) All Over Highlighter (RM74.90)
5) Illuminating Luster Powder (RM59.90)
6) Illuminating Drops (RM49.90)

1) Infinite Impact Eye Color (RM29.90)
2) Soft Kajal Eye Pencil (RM29.90)
3) Color Essence Eye Pencil (RM29.90)
4) Superfine Brownliner (RM39.90)
5) Tuscan Escape Eye Palette (RM99.90)

1) Lip Color To Go (RM29.90)
2) Lush Lip Vinyl (RM44.90)
3) Vivid Lip Lacquer Summer 2017 (RM44.90)
4) Matte Lip Color (RM49.90)
5) Cream Lip Color Cream (RM49.90)

1) Nail Polish (RM24.90)
2) Oil Fusion Nail Color (RM24.90)
3) Precision 4 Mini Sponges (RM39.90)
4) Precision Lash Curler (RM44.90)
5) Contour And Glow Brush Kit (RM74.90)
6) Essential Brush Kit (RM99.90)

1) Capsule Face Mask (RM12.90)
2) Hand Cream (RM39.90)
3) Hand Wash (RM39.90)
4) Vitalising Body Scrub (RM49.90)
5) Pre-Shampoo Oil (RM44.90)
6) Texture Styler For Hair (RM44.90)
7) Refreshing Mist with Aloe Vera (RM24)
- Mimosa and Honey
- Bergamot and Lime
- Coconut and Vanilla
- Goji and Watermelon

If you only wanting to pick up ONE thing, then personally, I feel like you need to get any of their single eyeshadows, or blusher. I can't actually choose. Both are really good. Not only they have amazing pigmentation and buttery consistency, the range of colours are also versatile and pretty. Plus, most of them are soft to the touch and it's nothing like cheapo feeling eyeshadows. 

I noticed that these shadows are made in Italy, and everyone knows that they generally produce good products especially when it comes to powders containing pigments. Some brands like Hourglass, Milani and Kiko has products originated from that country. It's nothing new that I love burnt orange shade for my crease, so it's no surprise I gravitated towards "CANYON CLAY" from the Infinite single eyeshadow collection. It has burnt orange shade to it and you can never go wrong with a warm shade like this. Meanwhile, "BACI DI DAMA", "ORANGE OCHRE" and "BROWNIE POINTS" are the shade recommended by Kathleen Lights. Go for single eyeshadow and skipped the palette ๐Ÿ˜†.

Blushers and bronzing powders are also pigmented and blend well. I didn't pick up the blush (I will the next time I'm in H&M) but I swatched them in store and some of the shade were long-lasting, considering that they were still there by the time I went home at night o_o. I've been hearing a lot of good things too about them especially the "Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in Golden Peach" - it's a near dupe to NARS Orgasm. I also like their hexagonal, black and gold packaging, making everything looks sleek, luxurious and Instagram worthy.

You want another recommendation? well, you can go a little mental with the nail polishes (and lipsticks, I guess). The nail polish selection was insane! and everything below RM25. I didn't buy any because I no longer have time and interest with nail polishes, but god, so many shades to choose from!!!

Things I'd skip - foundation, custom colour drops (as I'm not sure if it's a silicone or water-based), eyeshadow palettes (again), brushes and sponges. From my experience, most of the brushes are scratchy and the single, Precision Black & White sponges are disappointing. Well just buy the original Beauty Blender or Breena Beauty Blending Pearl instead. I wished I didn't get any of these.

Okay enough with my little rundown. Now, onto my haul. I saved quite a lot for my purchase because I was using the opening discount promotion. Let me know if you want me to review any of these in a separate blog post. 

Have you tried anything from H&M Beauty Department? 
or what are you interested in getting? Let me know in the comment box below. 
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myraprettylittlethings said...

wow. H&M have beauty department now?? The shadows are so pretty indeed! God, I miss my life in KL. I actually love H&M home department too! Lots of deco pieces that I love in the colour that I prefer.

Myra | Prety Little Things

ieyra h. said...

I have like 2 H&M stores near me in Melaka but none of them is having the beauty department. /sobs quietly. Will definitely check out H&M home department! ๐Ÿงก