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Back then, I know nothing about makeup. When I bought, what I did was to keep them inside my drawer instead of using. I didn't know the exact techniques of applying them. My eyeshadow routine only consisted of 1 colour for the most, which I hardly put it on. Blushes? uhm I got one in a shade. Makeup to me was just compact powder, eyeliner, and a lipgloss. I'm more interested in taking care of my skin instead of cosmetics.

If you've noticed I only got addicted to makeup recently, by that means, like how I contour my face, choosing the right foundations, eyeshadows, brushes, step by step for fully coverage, etc etc.
I am not good with all those yet and still learning. Another thing is I do go for artistry makeup, not professional, like how people express arts through makeup. I like those. Haha. That is why, I guess, the reason why my first makeup guru was Klaire. Klaire's voice is so.......calming. 

Tell me if you guys have your own fav makeup gurus on youtube :D Everything I know about makeup today, I learned it from my youtube gurus. Thanks to youtube, I manage to hone my makeup skill from zero percent. 
My ultimate favourite makeup guru is non other than the famous Michelle Phan.

heol yes, she likes kpop too. keke. I do like her videos, the most. She don't go for too slow or fast for her videos, just perfect, and professional. It was my friend, Amna, who introduced me to her videos. I can see that she's a down-to-earth person although she's famous.

For wearable makeup looks and tips, I would prefer Sineady! Great great great great great beauty tips, I learn A LOT from her. :)

Bubzbeauty - great personality, and she's asian - practically having the same skin tone with me instead of a Caucasian makeup guru. Bubz's painting is amazing too!

Promise Phan, Michelle Phan's sister in law. She's absolutely amazing. No joke, she can transform into anyone just by putting makeup. O___O

Nikki - she's like the queen of blending imo. I like how she blends in many eyeshadows on her eyes and come out prettily.  

Emily did a lot of makeup reviews and dupes on her channel, usually I will look up reviews on her channel first, before I buy the product, http://www.youtube.com/user/emilynoel83

Last but not least, Ingrid & Fleur! I love how these 2 are friends. They aren't 100% on makeup tutorials, but more to vlog stuffs. Bright and inspiring young people.  Idk, but I do like them a lot. ;w; 

this is one of my fav, positive and refreshing vid from ingrid. aww i wish i could do the same things with my girls. 

so, what's yours? :)

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sab_ri_na said...

I flove Michelle Phan too! Cuz the make up is easy to follow. But OTL i never done any of her tutorials tbh ;P

Angie said...

Yo unnie! I have been watching make up tutorials on YT too lately hehe but I don't make up la XD

ieyra h. said...

@sab Actually, me too. LOL. I'm still lacking of skill & products. Haha

ieyra h. said...

@yehyee heeee later you sure do one lah ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ