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I've been aware of these 'thermal spring waters' for a while now and considered purchasing a few times but always found it ended up not being into my basket. I even included 'Avene Eau Spring Water' on my drugstore wishlist (here). After all, I believe thermal spring waters really isn't an essential skin care product and always been sceptical about it even though I've always wanted to try. Somewhere in July, I went to Watson and they had this 50% off for some products so I took advantage and brought a few things as well as this Clinelle Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water

This is a thermal water from Switzerland in a can, naturally rich with 20 regenerating rare minerals for skin such as Na, CaCO3, SO4, Ca, K, Mg etc. It is said that has been originated from Schinznach-Bad, Switzerland which is also known as Europe's water castle. Orang Switz boleh untung buat business ni. hehe. 

Watery. Like a plain, colourless water. Not completely odourless although it's been formulated with no fragrance. To me it gives some short of a refreshing smell. The product comes easily from the spray nozzle I find it very soothing, cooling and hydrating on my skin. Clears on skin, does not leave sticky feel on me after I sprayed it.
Clinelle Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water is formulate without 6 No's -artificial fragrance, artificial colouring, comedogenic ingredients, mineral oil, SD-alcohol and Lanolin. I compare the ingredients list between the famous Swiss Thermal Water, Avene to Clinelle and notice the latter has added 3 extra ingredients - Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Benzoate to the water. Phenoxyethanol is said to be an alternative to Parabens which has the same function to Sodium Benzoate, both act as preservatives. 

How to use?
After spraying, leave it to work for a few minutes then gently pat dry. Spray as often as necessary.
Most of the time I use this to set up my makeup and as a face mist. However, according to the product's indications, it works in more than 20 ways. Here I attached a picture from Clinelle Malaysia.

1) Repair - with restorative mineral Sulfur, to soothe skin discomforts
2) Refine - with Zinc regeneration properties to promote cell growth and epidermal repair
3) Reshield - with powerful anti-oxidant Selenium, that reinforces skin's defense against pollution damages and fight signs of ageing. 

My thoughts:

I wasn't really a fan of this product on my first time using it because it gave me burning sensation, however, it started to lessen before completely gone after several times of using. I guess it happened because my skin was adjusting to new product. Remember when I included a makeup setting spray from NYX in my recent wishlist? I did go to Sephora to try, but oh dear, it stinging my skin so bad, even more than this Clinelle's thermal spring water. So, I opted for this as an alternative. It doesn't do much for my face though other than making powders look less cakey and giving skin that dewy look. My face does look shining and oily after 3-4 hours. However, I love this product as a face mist - good for travelling or whenever you feel tired when studying or working. Segar-bugar terus muka iouss lepas spray. 

Pores. My pores are smaller now - well they are still big anyway, but less visible. I have no idea what possessed me to think this would work, but I think it does the job of refining pores. Whether if it just this brand, or thermal spring water in general, I still don't know. Having to say that, I've only introduced two new products for my skin during the month of July and August - a cream gel from L'Occitane (review: soon) and this thermal water. Hmm, so probably this product? since one of the benefit is refining pores? I thought myself and the mirror were playing a trick on me until my friend noticed the difference too. 

Product Info;

Name : Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water
Manufacture : Clinelle
Country of Origin : France
Capacity : 5.1 fl oz / 150 ml
Price : RM18.90 (50 ml), RM38.90 (150 ml)

Ingredients :
Swiss Bad Schinznach Thermal Spring Water, Nitrogen, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate

What else do you need to know:
- This product is dermatologically tested. Recommended for all skin types including sensitive skin.
- Pressurised container. Keep away from direct sunlight and do not expose to temperature exceeding 50'C or 120'F and please do not puncture or burn even when empty.

Availability : 
(Store) - Guardian, Watson, Caring and independent pharmacies in Malaysia.
(Online) -
For more info visit

*I purchased this from Watson. 

I may or may not repurchasing this again. It's a great can, the mist is nice and the water is refreshing, but I would really like to try other Swiss Thermal Spring Water in the market and see what they could do on my skin. Secondly, the price - it is something that I'm a bit hesitate to splurge on. A can of this could last you about a month if you use it everyday, so yes, expensive. It's a complete luxury product more than essential. ;P

Have any of you tried this or any thermal spring water? let me know your thoughts and thank you for reading! :)

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Velveteen Rabbit said...

Oh Watsons, how I miss thee now that I'm back home in the land of igloos. If this gave you a burning sensation, you might want to try the one by Evian - it's so refreshing as well!

Bf Gf Does Blogging

babysoulz said...

You have been to Watsons? :D Definitely will be checking out Evian!!
Wished that there were more drugstore-beautyproducts option here in Malaysia. Tons that I'm dying to try! D;

sprinklesofstyle said...

I haven't tried this but I always thought products like this should be refreshing on the skin and not irritating or burning but as you said it could have been your skin getting used to a new product! :)

Layla xx

Rِeem ♦ ³ said...

Seems like a very interesting product .. BTW I followed you on bloglovin , your blog is amazing

babysoulz said...

Thank You! I already followed you back! XD

miza said...

rd tried the product and yes its sting a bit for the couple of times but consider ok. Still for me i prefer Bioglo superfruits facial mist from cosway more cz it's never gave me any burning sensation.