DIY | Make Your Own Chalkboard

Supplies :
- Frame
- Glass cleaner or alcohol
- Chalk Paint (for best result - use black or dark green colour)
- Foam Brush
- Chalk

1) Take your existing frame and remove the glass.

Here I'm using a picture frame that is actually too big to fit in any 4R size pictures. If you are using an old picture frame, you can always re-paint or spray paint to give it a new look. 

2) Carefully clean the glass with glass cleaner or alcohol

3) Lay your glass outside on a flat surface for painting activity

4) Starts painting!
p/s : I did this project several times so in this tutorial, I'm using different picture of glasses just to give you a rough idea and comparisons on the correct painting technique. 

- First start with an even and vertical layer of coat (See glass no. 2). Let just says, I started stroking from the top of the glass (top -> bottom).

- This step is SUPER IMPORTANT. Leave it completely dry before adding the second coat. Mine was about 30 minutes. On my first tried, I got a bit inpatient and painted my second coat and it was a total messed up. (See glass no. 1)

- Paint the second coat from the opposite direction (bottom -> top) Leave it to dry again before painting the third coat either horizontally or from your start direction (top -> bottom).

- I painted another 2 coats to get the full coverage. You can do more, just make sure that you are getting even coats on the glass. 

5) That's it! I rubbed chalk all over the glass for a 'seal'. Take a chalk and write whatever you want! It could be a message to someone special, your favourite quote, creative doodles, event countdown or even your what-to-do list.

Final result;

See, it works perfectly fine. Write anything that you want!

Till then. 
Happy crafting. XD

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