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Jalan-jalan pergi JPO. I religiously went into each and every store since I couldn't do that on my last visit. Dulu tak perempuan so I didn't care about all these girlish stuffs but now I'm slowly turning into a lady so that day I did some research beforehand and I know what I want, I know which things worth to buy and which are (still) overpriced. How cheap is cheap, kan? Here's our route!

Kuala Lumpur, Melaka  Lebuhraya Utara Selatan  Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua Malaysia Singapura 

 Exit 253  Exit 304  Exit 302 A  Johor Premium Outlets

GPS 1°36'11"N , 103°37'17"E

We went there from Melaka at 8.00am and arrived around 10-ish. We decided to go as early as we could since from my last experience, JPO isn't a comfortable place to shop w/ a massive crowd in it.
Parking - RM3.00 per entry. 

See, datang pukul 10. Tak ramai orang. 
Oh my, so weird to see JPO with this little amount of visitors, LOL.

So here are my notes; 

Guess offered 50% discount with additional of 20% for Happy Hour at their store. (12.00PM-2.00PM and 4.00PM-6.00PM), so plan ahead your journey! Most of our goodies were from Guess. >o<  I bought a travel bag, shoulder bag and an ipad case. Varieties of selection with great offers, this store is definitely a place to bargain when you come to Johor Premium Outlet.

Happy purchases. 

Michael Kors is like my ultimate favourite brand and most anticipated store at JPO but it still so expensive. Also, most of their products are out of season. I couldn't find the design that I want (Selma Messenger). Totes retail at RM900+. Online prices are so much better. Anyway, they put some efforts wrapping up their pig skins lining, unlike Coach. So yes, be careful. 

Couch - A good deal compared to the one sell in boutiques, but still not a price that you would want to pay too if you are a Coach fan. Nothing beats Coach handbags price if you buy them in the US heheh. Coach kalau ramai orang kena beratur. 

I thought of picking up Cotton On's shoes. They were RM19.90, tapi choices tak banyak, and most of the designs were a 'meh' (imo lah). But if you want to borong baju, then Cotton On worth it lah.

True that we can find a Vincci store almost everywhere, but the one in JPO offers you a great bargain; RM19-RM29. Rugi tak beli, which I'm still regretting, cuz I didn't buy any. 

Accessories were in offers too. I bought watches at a price of RM50 for 2. One of it was in my to-buy wish when I went shopping w/ my friend. I saved RM20 for each item.
Apart from Vincci, Charles & Keith was very useful in shopping trendy shoes. They offered 50% discount in their stores. We bought 1 shoulder bag. Keke. I heard that Charles Keith will be opening soon in Dataran Pahlawan? eh? 

RM 186 -> RM 111

I'm not familiar with Fossil brand, so I will skipped reviewing in details but since there were a lot of people inside the store by the time we came in, a good deal I guess? (Update as for 2015 *lol kenapa entry ini ramai orang baca* - pergi lah Fossil. Murah tak tipu, I checked the retail price for a bag at my local shopping mall was RM200+ expensive then the one in JPO, patut ramai orangggg).

For Adidas and Nike - not much price appealing although they offered a wide range of sport shoes selection. Like really, a lot. Rambang mata @_@ I bought a new Adidas short shoes during Aeon sale in the recent months so nope, no more buying.

Body shop depends on season I guess. Not everytime you can get a good deal. The last time I went, most of the items were in 50% discount, unlike my recent trip, they were only typical 'buy 2, 10% discount, but 3, 20% discount'. 

After lunch, we went to Victoria Secret. It was one of my anticipated store lol. Bought 2 body mists and a body butter - for RM130. RM43 each. Usual price for body mist is around RM55. No much different for sale price compared to the one at their own boutiques. 

So here are my reviews! :)

Endless Love - a combination scent between apple and ylang ylang. Ylang ylang ni Bunga Kenanga kan? This body mist smells so fresh, fruity and soapy? - pretty similar to Herbal Essence shampoo. Sweet but not too sugary like other VS body mist. After several uses, I find it tend to be dry and sharp. I'm a fan of soft scent so I don't find it relaxing. I won't repurchase this but definitely recommend if you are a fan of apple scent. 
Score: ★★★

Secret Charm - Honeysuckle and jasmine. I gave this to my sister. Not a fan of jasmine, but I do really like this one. The salesgirl recommended this scent to me since I like soft and light smell. It has an apple scent so I guess I'm really an apple lover when it comes to fragrance. lmao.
One thing I really like about VS body mist is their staying power. I could get 4-5 hours or it just stays through out the day on me. Quite impressive for a body mist.
Score: ★★★

Sheer Love - White cotton and pink lily. I would repurchase this scent on my next visit for body mist. Highly recommend this if you like soft and clean floral scent bc this is not in the sweet-fruity type of fragrance. Bau yang innocent. You would feel like hugging or cuddling with someone . Lol hyperbola gila. 

This is my first time purchasing their body butter, so I don't have any other scent in the line to compare for it texture. Read some review online, people claim that some scent have diff texture. While I find that body shop's one is sticky, this VSsheer love body butter absorbs quickly into skin. Sangat soft and creamy gila when you touch it. 
Score: ★★★

see, I use this a lot already. almost everyday after bath.

From the package; "Restorative formula is enriched with deeply conditioning shea and jojoba butters, plus antioxidant vitamin E. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable: the ultimate sexy sensation.”

Another beauty shop in JPO that I went in was Cosmetic and Designer Fragrances. They offered labels like Lancome, Biotherm, Shu Uemura, Kiehl, Vichy - Loreal family aren't they?. Gotta check on Kiehl next time. I heard so many good review on that brand. There were MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Clinique in The Cosmetic Company Store (CCO) but I didn't have a chance to go in. Sobs. 

So cozy..

Anyway, I had Thai Tomyam for lunch and it was delish. Poor me because I was craving for some Korean Food but the stall wasn't open. :/

ok bye!

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