Review | Daiso Natural Charcoal Mask

Not sure if I can get this organizer case for below than RM5, but recently, I went to Daiso and bought this,

Masuk Daiso terus feeling kawaii  kan walaupun beli barang tak kawaii. Haha.

ta-dah, a jewelry box.

but I thought of doing a DIY jewelry/accessory holder by using an unused frame or a wooden bulletin board since I find it interesting and more creative ;w;; nantilah, since my frame isn't big enough, bulletin board put I couldn't find one at Daiso. SOBS. 

and oh, I bought the very famous Daiso Natural Charcoal Mask.  Look at the sticker on top of it! Lol Japanese packaging is always so cute! Activated charcoal is a good micromolecular sponge. So, it's like they will bind all the dirt, black head / white head from your face. Charcoal is also good for sebum absorption!. I've heard A LOT of good reviews about this product, so why not giving it a try!

First impression : very sticky+watery, and kinda hard to apply. Haha. They actually dried very fast if you don't apply it for a thick coat. I applied a thin coat onto my nose, and the peeling was easy. Well even with a thick  coat, peeling process is still easy but might be a bit painful lol.

It works on me. I'm loving this product so far. No irritation towards my skin. It makes my skin feel smooth. Nothing spectular, but since it is so cheap for a peeling-off mask, I might repurchase. Hey, sometimes you can never go wrong with some products from Daiso. :D

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