Big Bad Wolf Haul Part II

I thought of separating my haul with my wtf- post. Heh.

Raided the Big Bad Wolf Sale again on last Sunday. My bro and I went there as early as 6.30am from Melaka. Pergi Big Bad Wolf Sale sangat best. Lagi best kalau bawa banyak duit.

Taraa, when there on their second day of opening, and forgot to take any picture.

Since we were there around 8-ish, it wasn't that congested. :)
This time I found a lot of books that I did not see on the table during my first visit. Managed to find few books on my wishlist, and most of them were like the only one left in stash of mess.

nanti kalau saya rajin saya updatelah this post with all the tittles. tapi biasanya saya malas. xD

now excuse me because I need to get all these book wrapped. heheh.

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