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The most moisturising sunscreen I've ever encountered so far! 

Hi everyone! long time no see! Or at least that what it feels like. It's sad to realise that I still haven't been gaining my momentum in blogging. One blog post per month? eh I should have not done that but truthfully, I kinda losing my blogging mojo, haha. Tonnes of drafts, also tonnes of things I really want to write about but I just can't manage to get the words out! Sigh. 

Anyway, I feel a bit better now. I visited Seoul during its winter season and I had fun! Did some shopping too at Myeongdong so I can't wait to share with guys about my journey and also my haul. As for today, I'm going to review the sun protection lotion from Uriage called HYSEAC Fluid SPF50+, you can get this at selected Guardian pharmacist. I bought it without having many thoughts last year after the SA lady working there recommended me some Uriage products. 

What it says on the website
Uriage Hyseac SPF50 Fluid combines effective sun protection and properties tailor made to combination and oily skin. It offers high-performance UVA-UVB protection due to the new effective Octocrylene-free filter complex. Liquorice extract provides a lasting mattifying effect, limits excess sebum and prevents new blemishes from appearing. It has non-sticky and non-greasy texture (source). 

and a little run down for you since I always like to analyse ingredients. LOL 

Main focus ingredient- the naturally isotonic Uriage Thermal Water from the French Alps. Read more about it here

The Uriage HYSEAC Fluid SPF50+ is an organic sunscreen, meaning it has the capability to absorb more of the UV rays and synthesize them rather than the blocking method like what inorganic/physical filters sunscreen do. There are 3 active chemical filters used in the sunscreen, 
-methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol (another commercialise name for it -> Tinosorb M. It's apparently a new nano UV filter that has been approved safe by the European SCCS. Not sure about FDA, maybe you can't get this sunscreen in the US)
-butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (avobenzone)
-ethylhexyl triazone (long-lasting and insoluble in water, hence giving the water resistant property to the sunscreen)

There is also liquorice listed at the bottom of the ingredient list. Apart from it being an antioxidant agent together with tocopheryl acetate, it's also a plant astringent, meaning that it may help in tightening the pores. Pores tightens -> sebum control. I think that is why Uriage marketed it as suitable for oily to combination skin

Moving on. The claims;

1)providing both UVA and UVB protection? Yes, search for this kind of sunscreen. 
2)formulated for oily to combination skin? Ingredient wise, it could be true.
3)mattifying? Yep, I personally find the sunscreen is giving me more of the matte finishing, not glowing like the Bioessence ones.
4)moisturising? Very true! It has dicaprylyl carbonate and glycerin as main ingredients. The sunscreen itself does feel like a moisturiser.
5)light consistency? Yes. Probably the most lightweight sunscreen I've ever tried.
6)non-greasy texture? Not completely true. When you first apply, it feels greasy but it will go after few minutes. 
7)absorb quickly to the skin? It will take few minutes before completely absorb to the skin. Not /that/ quick, but it's still quick!
8)very high protection? SPF 50+ should be enough for daily use if you're living in a sunny country. 
9)photostable? It means that sunscreen's UV filters (see above) do not break down when exposed to sunlight. Avobenzone is highly unstable but apparently the 'methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol' can help to stabilize it. 
10)paraben-free? There's no paraben on the ingredient BUT it has benzoic acid and I'm personally still viewing benzoic acid with caution. Side note, do you know that parabens are derived from benzoic acid? ;P

Can I just say Uriage did a great job at sticking true to what they've claimed??!! 

Right, next, moving on... Here is a swatch picture for you guys. 

It is easily blendable and not leaving any white cast behind unless you put it too much. I still don't know how is that even possible since it does not contain any trace of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Maybe some other ingredients but my knowledge is limited and I'm lazy to do more research. Lol

The sunscreen is scented with this powdery but soft scent. I really like it. The only thing I'm not quite satisfied with the product is how it dries so quickly when you open the cap. Also, it continues to dry out even when I close the cap properly. You can see it in the pictures below. Just imagine how much products I'm able to save if it doesn't dry out.

I try not to use Uriage Hyseac Fluid as often because it seems to cause me some breakouts. Well, that's sad and disappointing but always remember different people react to different cosmetic allergen and I'm writing here based on my personal experiences. Nevertheless, I still think Uriage did a wonderful job by staying true to their claims. This might be worth a try if you have oily to combination skin as the sunscreen is giving (almost)mattifying effect. Rating 8/10 (although it doesn't work on my skin). 

Product Info;

Name : HYSEAC Fluid SPF 50+
Brand : Uriage
Country of Origin : France
Content : 50ml / 1.7 fl.oz
Limited Edition : No 
Price : RM86.73

Availability (Malaysia) : Guardian stores and online store [here]
Link :

P/S - Let me know what is your current favourite sunscreen/sunblock!

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tori chu said...

I dont wear sunscreen everyday >3< I think I should wear from now on ^^
anw cant wait for ur haul trip from korea ^^

ieyra h. said...

Sunscreen is important dear~ it's your number 1 proven skincare routine for anti-ageing. Hehe. I'm having some difficulties taking pictures of my haul, because all of the products are everywhere now. Lol

Mira said...

I love mattifying sunscreen! probably the kind of sunscreen that I go for! Didn't know that paraben is derived from benzoic acid . Thanks for sharing!
Pretty Little Things

Piew Tang said...

The white cast is thank to methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol (Tinosorb M), the large organic sunscreen molecule works very similarly like mineral filter (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide). It reflects and absorbs UV.
Unlike Avobenzone, it is photo-stable, and poorly soluble in water and lipid (imagine milk suspension) and hence the white cast.
These properties also make it works for many hours on skin without degrading much or absorbed into skin (provided you don't rub it away).