DIY | Japanese Decoden Phone Case

Decoden can be basically applied to anything. If you remember my posts from here and here, I already tried it on different materials and surfaces. 
One fine day my brain decided to go back to the creative trail and this happened. As much as I think things like this doesn't really suits my age and personality - I'm a lady type not cray-cray or kawaii (lady lah sangat, lol), I would say, never stop yourself from being creative. Also, I've seen people around my age making an online business selling decoden phone cases and they are always so expensive (> RM100). Man, I should consider to open one, too. ;P
I made this decoden phone case months ago but never had time to make a post and share it with you guys. I bought cheap clear iPhone case from Daiso and some cabochon beads. I already have silicon caulk and rhinestones in hand. If you are from Malaysia then you can find silicon caulk it at Mr DIY or any hardware store nearby. Tesco also has it lah I think.

I won't be providing a step-by-step tutorial as you can check my previous post, but basically I waited for at least 2 days for the caulk to completely dried before sealing the phone case.

Don't judge my silicon phone cases. LOL. 
As much as I like nothing-fancy-but-not-boring-though phone case I just couldn't find one. And careless person like me is in need of silicone phone case rather than plastic.

Not bad right? Would love to do this again but searching for a transparent clear iphone case is actually pretty hard to find!

Share with me what's your favourite type of phone case and it's material? well-designed? simple? rhinestones? heavy duty? plastic? silicon? TPU? =)
Thanks for reading this entry. xo

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Antonella_7694 said...

So cutee!:)

babysoulz said...

TQ! ( ˘ ³˘)❤

Gail J said...

The decoden phone case is very pretty!

babysoulz said...

Thank you! ❤. I got the inspiration of doing it after I watched Mr. Kate's tutorial on YouTube. :D

babysoulz said...

Hehe thank you pretty Moudy! ^-^ ❤

Lenalee said...

Hello..can u please send me some cabochons as I cant find cabochons near where I live. I will pay you~

ieyra h said...

Hi Lena, thank you for reading my blog. I don't have extra caborhons at the moment but are you residing in Malaysia? :D because I know quite a few online shops offer crafts things like cabochons and charms :D :D

Lenalee said...

Yes I am dear. Oh really? Please, do let me know. ~^_^

ieyra h said...

Hi again Lena, :D I usually bought my cabochons / beads / charms in stores - Daiso, Kaison and Mr DIY, but I find that they're quite expensive and lacking of choices. >o< but here are some of the online craft stores that I know,
1) Beading Malaysia

2) claystationyong

I hope this help! :')

Lenalee said... did u store the left over silicone? Do u wrap it?

ieyra h said...

unfortunately, I don't know the proper way to store the left over silicone, :( did you buy the same one like mine above? because I leave it like that with it's closure attached to it and store in a drawer. I just checked, does not dries up at all! ;o considering I posted up this blog post more than 5 months already.

I used to have another silicone tube from the brand 'Elmer's' and 'Bostick'. Elmer's dries out pretty easily, even when you use it for decoden - cracked after 2-3 months.
Bostick - bought this from Giant Supermarket, came in tube like toothpaste. It hasn't dries out eventhough it's almost 2 years by now.

ناجح هدياوي said...

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