Review | Real Techniques Core Collection & Stippling Brush

Last month I bought myself on these; 

and I cannot emphasize on how much I love them. 

Stippling brush is ahmayzingg. I have been using it daily ever since I bought. Bristles sangat soft. Tak rupa synthetic taklon langsung.  In fact, all real techniques brushes have soft bristles! The head of the stippling brush is small, so the fibers fit on small surface areas around your face, like your nose area, and below your eyes. Sangat blendable, hence it won't make your face looks cacky. 
Also, I love the fact that the brush's holder is pink. Teehee.
Stippling brush is like you take a bit of your foundation in just on the tips of the white fibers, then gently bouncing the brush onto your skin repeatedly. It will give you some short of an airbrush look-alike lah..

Meanwhile, there are 4 brushes you can get in their core collection.
1) Detailer brush.
2) Pointed foundation brush.
3) Buffing brush.
4) Contour brush.
+ a free brush holder, usable for travelling.

So far, I only have tried number 3 and 4. I used buffing brush for blushes and bronzer but mostly for foundation. This brush is a star of of those 4! So damn fluffy! 

Real techniques brushes are easy to clean. Just I noticed that the brush's name engraved on the handle can be easily removed by water. I did my brush cleaning just now and noticed the wordings faded, and I was like uhh, so sad. :c Sedih, padahal 2 months haven't yet I use the brushes. SOBS. dah tak nampak baru. 

So anyway, mamamia, overall, I am satisfied. These brushes truly live up to the hype! I'm planning to get more of these. Uhm, maybe their travelling set? :]

For more info you can visit their website and Pixiwoo opened up a youtube channel especially for their Real Techniques brushes! 

- p/s don't buy Real Techniques from SHINS, because they will cost you more than 100 bucks. 
not worth, at least to me.

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