Tutorial : Green Acid Wash Nail Art

First time doing acid wash nails.
not bad. heuhehe. and it was easy.
1. apply base coat
2. dark nail polish for your base colour. grey, black, dark blue or any colour that give contrast.
3. top coat. it would be good if you apply a layer of top coat before painting the next colour so the base colour won't coming off easily. but it's an option. i did acid wash nails w/o applying the top coat, but i painted my green slightly thick.
4. paint a layer of white and wait for it to completely dry.
5. dip a q-tip/ear cotton bud into nail polish remover, l i g h t l y rub away the white! :D do it lightly, if not then everything will be come out.
6. finish it off w/ top coat! &  you're done yayy!


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