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Alright guys, about 7 weeks ago I gave in and finally put an order for Z Palette.

and just want to let you guys know that I have been eyeing this one up for the l o n g e s t time, but like I don't really have a lot of single eyeshadows so I thought there's no point of having it until recently when I started buying MAC and Elianto single eyeshadows. 

Last year, when Luxola send me MYR50 voucher, I took that as an opportunity to buy myself one and I was so delighted that I paid for this at MYR27. (Siapa je weyh nak bagi 50 ringgit free kan, kan). On looking at the site, I really liked those in Zebra and black pattern. Unfortunately, both of them were sold out and I came down to this Leopard Z Palette

To put it in words, Z Palette is a customizable magnetic empty palette that allows you to store depotted and refill form of makeup pans in it. The idea behind this is to minimize the amount of space taken up in a makeup kit. 

Z Palette is simply made up of cardboard and I'd say it's sturdy enough. I think due to the magnetic board, the palette feels very heavy and I don't feel comfortable travelling with it. The opening is okay - it used a magnetic shutter along the border and it can be easily open and close without fuss. However, I'm here questioning whether this palette will last long because the magnet is not as strong as I thought it would be. 

One thing I really like about this palette is the transparent plastic window where I can easily see my makeup pans. If I was to own more than one Z Palette, I'd definitely appreciate the hassle free for not having to open every single palette to find a particular shade that I want. On luxola, there are 5 sizes available which are 
-extra large
but the colour and design selections are limited unlike those in official Z Palette website. Here is the measurements of my large palette. Noted that the overall depth of this palette is 1.5 cm.

This palette comes with 10 round pieces and 10 is square shaped of metal stickers. The magnet itself is pretty strong. Several refill eyeshadows / blushes like MAC and Makeupgeek have built in magnetic pan, so you can definitely save these metal stickers for other eyeshadows.

Now I am not going to lie... sometimes depotting eyeshadows from it's original packaging can be a bit hard - IF you do not follow the correct techniques and tricks of doing it!  Be sure to visit their official website to know more about it. One tip I want to share is to clean all left over glue behind the pan so later on, the metal sticker would able to stick on it properly.

p/s : let me know if you want some swatches of my Elianto eyeshadows! ;P

Product Info

Name : Leopard Large Z Palette
Manufacturer : Z Palette
Country of Origin : USA
Price : MYR 77 on Luxola, $20 on official website

Product Description : 
The patented Large Z Palette is our best-selling size and a staple in every makeup artist's kit. Large enough to fit up to 28 standard-sized, round pans, the large Z Palette is still super slim, sleek and perfect for travel. (source)

What else do you need to know :
On the Z Palette's official website, there is a compilation list of how many eyeshadows of each brands can fit in a palette. You might want to check it out. Here is the (link)!

Availability : 

(Malaysia) - I bought mine from Luxola (link).
You can check it's international availability at (here). 


Overall, I really like this palette and actually plan to buy a mini ones. The pros definitely outweigh the cons but most importantly, it is so universal that I can put any kind and brand of makeups in it the way I most preferred. So far I have SAVEE, Elianto, MUA, IN2IT, Nature Republic and MAC single eyeshadows in this large palette. Mine might be full soon, as I cannot wait for my makeupgeek eyeshadows to arrive! If you love to de-pot, or need to de-clutter your stash, then you'll be needing to have this as well! 

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kei said...

cute palette!
and please do the elianto eyeshadow swatch.
I've interesting with their eyeshadow since the got many colours :D.

Jolien Nathalie said...

Thanks for this review! I've been eyeing these palettes for a while. I do think it's a bit expensive considering what they are made of but nevetherless it looks very nice and they could definitely free up some space in my makeup collection :)

Amy said...

I've never heard of this, but it looks really nice ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

ieyra h said...

I know right!! They do have a lot of colours and I can get a little overwhelmed to choose shades that I want. Thank you for requesting! Will get back to you when the post is up on my blog! ;D

ieyra h said...

To be honest, if it wasn't because of the $14 off discount code, I would be a bit hesitate in splurging on this z palette! I wanted to try Elf, but wasn't sure whether it would fit any MAC or MUG eyeshadows.

Jolien Nathalie said...

I had no idea elf had these as well, need to check that out :) the eyeshadows you used in this review look gorgeous by the way! :)

ieyra h said...

I'm so happy that I got this palette at a cheaper price! <3 Thanks for visiting, Amy! xx

MakeupForLunch said...

AWESOME .. I always wanted to get one, but I don't own a bunch of eyeshadow that I need a Z palette for lol :'D

Karlina said...

Those are cute shades, I love them! ^^
Follow me back?

ieyra h said...

Actually, me too! hahahahah. But new year, new makeups, hopefully mine will be full by the end of this year. Hehe.

ieyra h said...

Thank you! I already did that ^__^ have a nice day, Karlina! :)

Subham Rai said...

Amazing review, the packaging looks so pretty! Thanks
for stopping by & check out my new post!


ieyra h said...

I had no other choice but to end up w/ this design. It wasn't my favourite, but like you said, it does look pretty!

Mariam said...

the palette looks beautiful, enjoy it girl <3