DIY | Using "Net Bunga Telur" as Makeup Brush Protector

Inexpensive, yet good quality mesh to protect and keep your brushes in shape.
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Hello everyone, how's it going?
Today I'm going to share with you guys a simple DIY.... well technically not a DIY but a simple method of to keep the bristle of your makeup brushes in shape, just like what the commercialized Brush Guard claimed to do. 

There are two reasons why I find it unnecessary for me to purchase the original Brush Guard:
1) It's not readily and easily accessible in Malaysia.
2) I'm just too cheap to buy the original ones. No money... ;P 

When browsing over Pinterest months ago, I figured why not I used the plastic bunga telur net (egg flower net) to protect my brushes. 
Bunga = Flower
Telur = Egg
In traditional Malay Wedding ceremonies, usually the hosts will be giving this "boiled egg gift" or "flowery egg" as a token of gift to guests. The colourful mesh is used to wrap up the egg. Idk what y'all have been calling it in English but the bunga telur net is, I believe having the same material of Brush Guard knock off that you can find on eBay.

So where to find the net?
Cari kedai jual barang-barang hantaran & perkahwinan. Even grocery shops have it sometimes. I bought mine at Pasaraya Super Cowboy, Melaka.
RM 7.90 for 100 pieces
That would be less than $2
like hello excuse me, sooo cheap, sign me up? (Jeffree Star reference). Hehe

Close Up.
The holes are big enough to let the air pass by so that the brushes are able to dry. 

And this is how the net looks like with brushes. 
Get one that can be stretchable.

The bunga telur net however, only practical to big sized brush like your face brushes. It tends to loose up on smaller brushes although it can still be used. See the picture below featuring my eyeshadow blending brush from Jessup;

How to use?

For me, makeup brush protector isn't a-must-have item but it's good for;
- Maintaining the shape of the bristle.
- Storing unused brushes. Keep them from getting dusty.
- Travelling. Prevent bristle from getting caught with zip.

The one I have here is easy to use and you could get it trim to the size you prefer. Also, it's dirt cheap so I get my money worth!! tu yang penting. Ingat.. masukkan net tu dari bahagian bawah brush and tolak sampai ke atas! 

Hope this post is helpful!

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Reshah said...

Wooow! This is awsome!! Thanks for sharing, I think I'm going to look around for some on ebay.
Have a Lovely day hun!!

Chaste and Beautiful said...

Well, this is such a great way to keep the brushes protected, plus the mesh looks super cute! Lovely post and pictures. :)

Chaste & Beautiful

Maddalena Mariotti said...

I am a new follower on GFC.
I hope that you will follow me too <3

Gabrielle RoseBonniee said...

Nice idea ♡ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

♡ * Mermaid Wishlist * ♡

tori chu said...

eh, this is the first time I see this O.o I think I should get this for my brushes >3< thanks for sharing :*

Jolien Nathalie said...

Wow, this looks so awesome :D and way better than those brush guards haha! I'm not sure if I'd be able to find this at my local supermarket but I'll ask, thanks so much!

Amoi Farah said...

Sama kita pon gunakan net telur jadi as brush guard cuma untuk eyeshadow jek kena jahit sikit pasal net telur besar sangat ^_^

mazni said...

nice! tak pernah terfikir pun :D

ieyra h. said...

Thanks Resh! Yep, pretty sure you can find the mesh on Ebay! (●♡∀♡)

ieyra h. said...

I really enjoyed the brush guard hack so I wanted to share with everyone else too! Hehe. Thanks Ayesha for visiting and commenting on my blog. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

ieyra h. said...

Thanks Gabrielle! (*´▽`*)

ieyra h. said...

you're welcome hun! I've been wanting to buy the patterned Brush Guard for so long but it's pretty difficult to get it locally (+expensive), I figured this would work, so yeap. :D

ieyra h. said...

Nak jahit kat part mana eh, Farah? sebab tengah cari solution jugak ni untuk eyeshadow brush.. :D

ieyra h. said...

kan, yang penting jimat duit! Haha. Susah jugak nak cari brush guard ready stock dekat ig shops tu.

ieyra h. said...

For something that is less than $2, I'm all for this hack! Hehe

Harivaindaran K. Veeriah said...

Hahahaha! I totally do this too! Only I'm to cheap to buy and I just wash, sanitise and use the ones that come with roses! :P :P :P