Product Empties | #4 (2015)

Hi beauties!
Guess what? I finally have some empty products. I think the last time I did a post like this was in November 2014 meaning I really need to start using more products!

I am so glad I can now finally throw these away, but first let me give you a little product rundown. 

1) Antabax Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes

SO MANY ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES, GERMAPHOBES MUCH? LOL. JK JK, but I must admit, for being someone who has been studying microbiology, I like to keep my makeups and working area clean and sanitize. Normally I will wipe off my makeup palettes when they start looking dirty. Both Guardian and Tesco Wipes are good for this purpose. 
I also use them to wipe off products on my makeup brushes after each application or when I want an instant clean up. They are so soft and doesn't dries out my brushes. Meanwhile, I find myself keep using this cleansing wipes from Antabax as my daily makeup remover. It is dermatological tested, alcohol free, paraben free and is enriched with Aloe Vera essence.

My last bottle of this shower gel! I adore the scent, it lathers up very easily and leaves skin feeling lovely. I would buy this again if Avon is having their member sale. 

I never thought I would even mention a mouthwash in my blog, ever. Lol. When it comes to oral hygiene, I always prefer Colgate from other brands because their mouthwash is free from ethanol. Actually, due to teeth's conditions, my dentist doesn't encourage me to use commercial mouthwash at all but I am stubborn liddat... ;P. I would repurchase this regularly since it is also certificated halal by Jakim Malaysia so I could use it without any doubt. 

I've recently used up this Sunsilk conditioner and to be honest I'm still a bit on the fence about it. It's not nourishing enough as other conditioners that I've tried. The scent is a bit overwhelming too, not a fan. Repurchase? As for now, no but that might change, who knows. 

It is a clarifying and refreshing mask with activated charcoal. I redeemed this from Sasa for free and I must say that I like it. This face musk did a great job of mattifiying my skin and I experienced no irritation or burning sensation whilst using, which is a plus since my skin can be sensitive. The highlighted ingredients are;
a. Retinyl Palmitate - Regulate sebum secretion and stimulate skin regeneration
b. Zinc Sulfate - Combat excess sebum, control surface shine while clarifying the complextion
c. Willow Bark Extract - Exfolitate and lift away impurities, with blemish-control property

I don't think I need to say much about this product, I have a review in full here

9) Secret Liquid Eyeliner
One of my most favourite eyeliner, from all the ones that I've tried, of course. I archived my 'eyeliner on fleek' everytime I used this product. No lie! The packaging is a bit off by now, but I'm pretty sure it's from 'Secret'. I don't know where to repurchase this product since the brand has been discontinued by Guardian 4 years ago. 

Ha, I just have to throw this away because it really breaks me up and I'm not going to use it anymore. Rosy Cheeks is a shimmery, warm peachy colour that suits lighter skin complexion as blush, while being a nice highlighter colour for darker skin tone.

11) Maybelline AngelFit Ultra Natural Affinity Foundation
Hands down my holy grail pressed powder in the drugstore. I couldn't remember how many times I have repurchased this. I have it in 2 shades (OC0 - very light ochre) and (OC2 - natural ochre). It does not clog pores nor looking cakey on me. It also has a fine and flawless application and able to cover up my redness. Unfortunately, they discontinued it so I can't repurchase this product neither recommend it to others.

I believe AG 2000 is only available in Malaysia, which is a shame because they have so many amazing products. I am a loyal customer of this local brand for the past 8 years. Nevertheless, I rarely include essence in my daily night routine so I won't be repurchasing this at the moment. It retails at RM158 - not really a budget friendly product.

Awesome gila okay product ni!. I have been using this for a while despite it comes in a sample size. It melts down make-up literally everything! While I would normally go for a scentless product, I really like the scent coming from this cleansing lotion, it is so soft and lovely, like.. I don't mind having it as my perfume scent, lol. Highly recommended you to pick this one up if you're in Malaysia or Indonesia.

Hada Labo is a very popular asian brand and this lotion particularly is the no. 1 face lotion in Japan. I can't say much about this product since I've only used it for a month but it is very lightweight, feel fresh on the skin, and it makes my skin feel 'bouncy'!

I got this sample from Cetaphil Malaysia last year just to try it out. The only thing I like about this is it doesn't irritate my face. However, I've noticed small bumps coming out on my forehead while using this product, so it might not suitable for my skin.

Have you tried any of these products before? Also, have you finished anything last month that you would recommend trying?
Thanks for reading this entry, and have a good day ahead! :)

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Mariam said...

I've tried the Cetaphil cleanser and it doesn't do much really, but my skin tend to get sensitive sometimes and any cleanser becomes an irritant to it so I prefer to use Cetaphil just to make sure I'm at least using something to cleanse my skin until everything goes back to normal.

MakeupForLunch said...

I've heard lots of good stuff about Cetaphil products .. I have yet to try any >.>

Amy said...

Oh, these all look really nice! I've never tried any, though ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

ieyra h said...

Oh! Your Cetaphil cleanser would be Clean & Clear Facial Cleanser in my skincare routine. ;D I couldn't say much about Centaphil Cleanser since I've been using only the sample size of it. But yeah, pimple underneath my skin :( Maybe I just received the bad or spoil sample.. ;P

ieyra h said...

I've only tried the cleanser and sun block! and I really like the latter! ;D

ieyra h said...

Ha, I just realized most of the products featured in this empties post are from asian brands, hehe.

FREY'A Nordic Beauty said...

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