Review | Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling

Since etude ada sale until end of this month, I grabbed the change to get some of their products. p/s can someone fly me to South Korea? or does anyone of my reader are going there? Hehe. Because, all these things are like RM10 cheaper compared to Malaysian's price offered. Anyway, I decided to try on the Magic Bubble Peeling. It's basically a facial peel product in mousse foam. Reminds me a lot of whipping cream's consistency. Haha. Cara nak guna dia pun sama. -_-
The smell - Powdery, soy and a bit like vanilla? Or somewhat it has this smell of baby products. ;D 

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Angie said...

That bubble peeling thingy is good!! tried it before >.< But lately other than Etude mask, I dont really use their products anymore =X